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There is Always Something Good Happening in the MOV

Recently, Clutch MOV, a local print and online magazine, reported that they heard some young professionals suggesting that the only thing to do in Marietta is to hang out at Wal-Mart. Small towns often fall into the pigeon hole of “blink and you’ll miss it” or “one gas station town.” Sometimes there is even merit to those descriptions. Factually though, Marietta does not fit the mold of the forgotten small town.


It’s not difficult to find amazing food like this steak from The Galley Restaurant.

Think there is no good place to eat in Marietta? A little exploring reveals a world of cuisine. Just in the downtown area, you can find amazing steaks and burgers at The Galley Restaurant, comfort food and pies at Tonya’s Country Kitchen, and out-of-this-world Mexican food at Tampicos. The Parkersburg area also has a growing eatery scene, so there is plenty for your gastro-intestinal senses to enjoy.


Marietta is unusually lucky to have several different theatrical groups in town. Marietta College, The Colony Theater, and People’s Bank Theater host musicals and plays quite often. The productions not only are top-notch, but almost all theatrical venues are within walking distance of a great place to eat, so setting up a night out is easy.


The music scene is flourishing here.

The local music scene on both sides of the Ohio River is flourishing. The Adelphia Music Hall has increased its support of local bands and musicians over the last couple of years, and Michelle Waters, through Hold the Note and Undercurrent Festivals, has done a lot to start quilting together a local music community. The Adelphia and People’s Bank Theater are also working collaboratively so that you can keep up with what both venues are hosting, and sometimes The Adelphia will host “after-parties” for guests who attended a People’s Bank Theater concert.

…And More

There is actually so much going on in Marietta and the wider Mid-Ohio Valley area that Clutch MOV found it necessary to create a constantly updated community calendar. A quick glance reveals the REAL problem with living in this area–it is difficult to choose which event you want to enjoy on any given day.

It is true that Marietta is not New York City, London, or Los Angeles, but for a small town, there is a stunning amount of activity to enjoy. The beautiful parks and river trails have not even been mentioned here, but they are great places to spend warm spring and summer afternoons.

Take another look at Marietta and the Mid-Ohio Valley. Find out how easy it is to live here, play here, and work here.

Posted by: Colby Ferraris on March 6, 2018
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