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Your Chance To Live In A 19th-Century Mansion

The year was 1868. The Civil War had been over for three years and the United States, united again, were learning how to live in a post-war world. Mariettans now looked across the Ohio River at West Virginia, not Virginia, and that was just the beginning of the changes citizens here experienced. Amidst all of this chaos, a stylish home was constructed on Third Street, and that home is still standing today as the Bosworth-Biszantz House.

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to travel back in time to experience what this historic building was like in 1890. Back in 2015, the Historical Marietta blog shared a newspaper article that was published in 1890 in the Marietta Tri-Weekly Register.  The journalist who wrote the article actually was given a tour of the entire building during the time that Colonel D.P. Bosworth still worked there. The article truly makes this historic site come to life.

Over the years, the Bosworth-Biszantz House has served both as a place of ┬ábusiness, as it was in 1890, and as a home. Today, the possibilities still exist for the home to serve either function…or both. People who have always wanted to be immersed in history yet close to modern conveniences will find everything they are looking for here.

Size Matters

Are you looking for a sizable home? Perhaps you have always wanted to run a business like a bed and breakfast out of your own home. Either way, this property can exceed your expectations. The Bosworth-Biszantz home offers over 4,600 square feet of space that includes six bedrooms, two-and-a-half bathrooms, a spacious kitchen, a library/study, and more. There is a parking lot in the back that can accommodate eight cars, and the ample natural light that enters the home makes it seem all the larger. Moreover, because Bosworth-Biszantz is a Nationally Registered Home, we can help you qualify for preservation funds and historic credits that will help restore this gem to its original 19th-century beauty.

Location, Location, Location

While luxuriating in the Queen Anne style that defines the Bosworth-Biszantz aesthetic, you can also easily access all of the modern conveniences one could ask for today. The home is just steps away from Marietta College and several drug stores, and grocery stores, the downtown area, the river, and more are walkable or less than ten minutes away in the car. These amenities also make this property a perfect location for a Bed & Breakfast or for offices, as it was in that 1890 article. We have always thought a photographer could truly enjoy setting up shop in the home and offering clients a unique and diverse range of environments in which to shoot.

Have we sufficiently piqued your interest? Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a tour.

Posted by: Colby Ferraris on March 20, 2018
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