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Why Start A Business in Marietta, Ohio

Expansive office space in Reno Business Park

Recently, the Southeastern Ohio Port Authority posted an article from Shale Crescent USA summarizing why the Shale Crescent, which includes the Mid-Ohio Valley, is the perfect place to build a petrochemical company. The article from Shale Crescent observes that while petrochemical plants traditionally have been centered around the Gulf Coast, the newly recognized area that includes Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia is just as ideal. Among the benefits are the abundance of natural gas in the Shale Crescent area, a willing and able work force, and easily accessible waterways.

The article inspired us to think about reasons why Marietta is the perfect specific spot to start a new business, whether it’s part of the oil and gas industry or something else entirely. Here are some benefits new businesses in Marietta can enjoy.

Plentiful and accessible waterways

Sitting at the confluence of the Ohio and Muskingum Rivers, Marietta is perfectly situated for access to waterways. This facet of¬†Marietta’s geography has long contributed to a healthy industrial environment, and increasing the health of Marietta’s industries will be easy.

Willing and able workforce

Marietta seems sometimes like it is no more than two hours away from everywhere. Pittsburgh, Akron, Columbus, Parkersburg, Morgantown, and Charleston are all two hours away or less.

Proximity to market

The Shale Crescent article also notes an important factor about the entire region. Marietta and other locations throughout the Shale Crescent are “within a day’s drive away from 50% of high-demand North American markets and within one day’s drive of 70% of the polyethylene demand.” Geographic advantages would benefit businesses in numerous industries extending beyond oil and gas.

Manufacturing/Warehouse space, Oakwood Business Park

Locations for your business are waiting for you

We can assist any businesses wishing to grow or move to Marietta. Whether you are looking for a property that offers ample warehouse space¬†or an expansive office area, we have something that can exceed your expectations. Moreover, we are happy to build to suit, so if you find a property you like but aren’t 100% sold on the floor plan, we can work out updates that will alter the space to what you need it to be. All of our industrial and commercial properties are located close to the downtown area, I-77, the local airport, and more.

Contact us today so that we can discuss your specific business needs and how we can help your business get off the ground or expand. Marietta is truly the place to be, and there is no better time than the present.


Posted by: Colby Ferraris on March 27, 2018
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