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The Difference Between an Idea and a Vision

Some people never run short of ideas. The mind of an entrepreneur is always looking ahead to solve problems people do not even know they have yet. Elon Musk and Richard Branson are perfect examples of this kind of life outlook. We did not think we needed airplanes shrouded in ultimate comfort or 100% electric vehicles, but now that we have them, we can hardly believe life existed without them.

The dictionary defines “idea” as a passing notion, while vision is defined as “the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be.” The unstoppable mind of an entrepreneur is a veritable idea factory, and the gift of vision is what differentiates men like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk from the many people who have ideas but not the vision to nurture those ideas into something useful. Those of us who work in the property management and construction industries can attest to the fact that while many entrepreneurs have the gift of vision on a grand scale, smaller details, like where that business should be situated, can be surprisingly difficult hurdles to overcome.

“I just can’t see it”

Many times, we will be approached by a business owner who has an idea about where their business should be. They know what part of Marietta they should move to, for example, and they may have an idea of what kind of offices they want, or what kind of building would work best for them. While the entrepreneurial mind is nimble, we find that trying to convince someone that the way a space looks now is not how the space has to look in the end is surprisingly difficult. That is why we work as a whole cohesive team — property management and construction — to create new detailed floor plans to show you how your idea and your overall vision can fit perfectly, ultimately, with the space we have available.

Our Work Speaks For Itself

Looking at a space and seeing its potential, or how it can meet your business’s needs, can be a struggle. That is why we try to gather photographic evidence of our starting and ending points on projects. You would never believe that the Marietta offices of Perry & Associates started the way they did, but we are proud to say they trusted us and our process, and we are all now very proud of that space. 

You might never believe that the luxurious Riley Suite in the Hackett Hotel started off the way it did, too.

Whether we are building something from the ground up, reworking an existing space, or refurbishing a property, we can take your idea and tie our vision of what a property can offer to your vision of how your business can grow.

Visit our construction site to see more of our work, or give us a call today to learn more.

Posted by: Colby Ferraris on April 10, 2018
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