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The Three Arms of Promanco

Business owners know that it is easy to assume everyone knows the basics about your business. After all, they are the basics. You presume your customers and prospects understand all of your capabilities and offerings. They surely are familiar with your mission statement and your objectives for the future because you have all but spelled those out before. Besides, it all seems so intuitive and obvious in your own head. The reality, of course, is that people only know the facets of your business they encounter.

We got to thinking about this in regards to Promanco. People often only encounter one segment of our business, and while we assume they know that we do more, that is in reality a pretty big assumption to make. We thought we would take this opportunity to let everyone know, in broad terms, everything we can actually offer.

Property Management

Did you know that the name Promanco is derived from the words PROperty MANagement COmpany? This facet of our business is probably the most visible. We work with our tenants constantly and you also have likely seen our “for lease” signs around town. The property management arm of Promanco is responsible for finding perfect fits for our Marietta vacancies and then nurturing the relationships with our tenants so that they stay happy in their new surroundings, whether commercial or residential.


A second arm of Promanco is the capacity to renovate or rebuild properties so that they are perfectly suited for new tenants. Sometimes a rebuild occurs simply because the property is ideal but the floor plan is not. Other times, the property in question may be over a century old, and we have to bring it up to 21st-century specifications. We also take a lot of pride in how downtown Marietta looks as a whole and from building to building. We were honored to be part of the 2017 Build Up Marietta initiative, and we continue to work on projects downtown to help make spaces more aesthetically pleasing and safer. We always keep an eye towards preserving the historic integrity of the downtown district, so while we may modernize a property in terms of what it can offer a new tenant, we also strive to stay true to the charm that makes Marietta such a popular tourist destination.


Finally, we have a construction side to our business. There are a few lots available in our portfolio, and we are prepared to build on those sites when the time comes. Our construction teams have also done a lot of work throughout the Mid-Ohio Valley, including at Grand Central Mall and Marietta College.

The One Stop Shop

What does all of this mean for you? If you are seeking a new home or a new home for your business, Promanco can help you find the perfect property at the location you desire and then you can stick with us for any renovation or build-out work. There is no need to seek out separate contractors, which can be time-consuming and expensive. Moreover, our team works closely together, so by the time our construction team is ready to get to work, they already know what you are looking for and what timeline needs to be met.

Wherever you are in the process of seeking a new residence or a new place for your business to grow, give us a call today, and ask how any of our three arms can help you move forward.

Posted by: Colby Ferraris on April 24, 2018
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