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Marietta, Ohio, and National Preservation Month

The National Trust for Historic Preservation has set May as a month to truly go all out in focusing on preservation. They do not just want people to think about preservation during this month, but they also want people to take action towards ongoing preservation efforts. The organization has created a “31 Days of Action for Preservation” campaign in 2018, and we thought it might be helpful to tie this national campaign into our local setting here in Marietta. Preservation is certainly a commonly discussed issue in this historic town, and devoting some time to learning about and helping to preserve our historic places is not a bad way to spend one’s time, this month or any month. We won’t review all 31 calls to action, but we will detail a few of them.

Read the latest issue of Preservation Magazine

You might notice a familiar historic home in the listing section of the online edition this month.

Share photos of your favorite historic places

The National Trust for Historic Preservation is asking people to use the hashtag #thisplacematters. There are plenty of opportunities to use this hashtag right here in Marietta (you could also use the #VisitMariettaaOhio hashtag while you’re at it!). The Castle will be hosting a tour of homes May 26 & 27, and you can sign up for tours with Hidden Marietta to learn about the more haunted side of our Historic town.

Visit a historic home

Marietta is rich in historic homes, including The Castle and the Henry Fearing House. In nearby Parkersburg you can also visit The Blennerhassett Mansion and Henderson Hall.

Shop your local Main Street

Especially in a town like Marietta, where so many shops bear plaques showing what was housed in that building during the 19th century, shopping local means preserving our unique downtown as well.

Learn about the history of your neighborhood

Did George Washington camp on your street when he was surveying this area? Perhaps your neighborhood has a house that was on the Underground Railroad. Learning about the history of where you live can motivate and inspire you to help preserve it as well. There are many resources for learning about your local history, including Campus Martius, Marietta Main Street, Hidden Marietta, and The Pink Museum.

Visit a historic bar

Marietta is rich in these kinds of venues as well. We are of course partial to The Galley. You can also enjoy a show at The Adelphia and book a room in The Hackett Hotel. The entire building has a long and colorful history to explore.

One extra idea

Finally, we have one idea that is not on the list of 31 action items. Those who are seeing new homes for their business can do a great service by deciding to move into into a historic property. We can rebuild and renovate, making sure the building is prepared for a 21st-century business. Breathing life into a building that is 100 years old (or older) is the best way to preserve a small town’s history. Contact us today to learn about the historic buildings we currently have available and why they would be the perfect match for your company.



Posted by: Colby Ferraris on May 10, 2018
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