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How to Save Energy and Money this Summer

Not too long ago, everyone in the Mid-Ohio Valley was complaining about the never-ending winter. Remember that weekend when we had flooding and snow at the same time? We all swore that once warmer weather came, we never would complain because we were so desperate to shed those winter coats.

Well, we all must have wished a little too hard, because after about two days of spring, we fast-forwarded right into summer, and it has been a scorcher so far! Undoubtedly you are seeing some spikes in those electric bills as you try to keep your home not only cool but also dehumidified.

We have some tips for you on how you can maximize the efficiency of your home’s cooling system. Working on even a few of these can make a difference in your pocket book, and if you are interested in lowering your impact on the environment, these work for that as well.

Mind Those Windows

Especially because so many buildings and homes in Marietta are older, it’s very important to pay special attention to your windows. A lot of energy can be released through windows, and a lot of heat and humidity can get in. Doing a test to see how much energy is seeping out of your windows can let you know how much of a problem you have. Sealing gaps and cracks, adding weather stripping, and insulating the windows all can help.

Keep the Sunshine Out

Another tip regarding your windows is to keep blinds and curtains closed during the day. Especially if your windows are on the older end of the spectrum, this little step can help block the sun and heat from warming up your home or business.


We are not talking about turning off social media. You might not think about it, but when any electrical device is plugged in, it’s using up energy, even if it isn’t on or being used. Unplug TVs or game consoles during the day if no one is going to be around. Unplug toasters, coffee pots, stereos, and anything else that you just use once a day.

Explore the world of LED Lighting

LED light bulbs use less energy and also give off less heat than regular light bulbs. Promanco is a registered solution provider for AEP Ohio’s Energy Incentive Programs, which means we can replace your lighting system and also help you make sure you receive rebates for making that transition.

Keep Your Air Conditioner Healthy

Make sure you have your air conditioner evaluated and cleaned at least once a year. Get the filters cleaned out so it can run as effectively as possible.

Turn the Air Conditioner Off When You’re Away

Are you getting ready for your family vacation? Before you go, turn off the air conditioner as long as you don’t have animals staying in the house. It’ll be uncomfortable for a little bit when you return, but you can save a lot of energy and money in the process. Additionally, you can look into a home or business security system through Aardvark Communications & Security. Their system includes an app that allows you to set your thermostat wherever you are, so you could get your air conditioner rolling on your way home from the airport.

Have any questions? Feel free to contact us regarding your home, your office, or both!

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Posted by: Colby Ferraris on June 18, 2018
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