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Promanco Construction in Full Swing in 2018

We have mentioned before that there are three facets to our business. The first facet is property leasing and management, and that is probably the segment of our services with which you are most familiar. Our signs are all over Marietta, after all. The second segment is historical renovation, where we help to bring buildings from the 19th century into the 21st century. You probably have heard of some of our work in this area because of some buildings we have renovated downtown.

What you might not know as much about is our construction branch. Promanco can demo buildings, revamp buildings entirely, execute build-outs, and more. “Sure, but where can I see your work,” you might say. Actually, we have been working on projects that you may pass by every day. We thought we would take this opportunity just to let you know that yes, that is Promanco.

The Marietta College McCoy Athletic Center Locker Room

Promanco spent many months working on a revamp of the men’s soccer team locker room in the Charles McCoy Athletic Center. The men’s soccer team appreciated the investment from Marietta College and are now proud of the locker room they use.

Grand Central Mall

Those who live in the Mid-Ohio Valley likely have seen all of the work going on at and around Grand Central Mall. A lot of that has been us!  We worked on the demolition of Elder-Beerman and HH Gregg and are now working on the build-out, which will include a Five Below Store and an Ulta Beaty store. While these are the most recent projects that have been our focus, the fact is that our construction arm has been busy for a long time. Take a look at our portfolio. You might be surprised to see how locations you know today looked before we performed our magic on them.

The next time you need a build-out, a demo, or a major update, give us a call. Support a local business with the expertise to do things right.

Posted by: Colby Ferraris on July 10, 2018
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