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Talk Flooding with Bill Johnson this Week

We hate to make you flash back, but you might recall that this year began with a lot of high river water. We even had flooding and snow at the same time, which just seemed completely gratuitous. A lot of good happened over that time period. The community truly pulled together to make sure everyone downtown got the help they needed. That meant not only taking everything off the floors but then putting everything back together, as well. Efforts from the CVB, the Chamber, and Marietta Main Street were extremely strong and they did the best job they could in disseminating information in a timely fashion.


The flooding this year raised a lot of questions. How do you know when you should stay open for business and when you should start moving merchandise out? How can you get help if your store or office is impacted by flood waters? How can you forecast when your location will be impacted by certain flood levels? There seemed to be a lot of information floating around, but not all of it was accurate and some of it was even contradictory. There was a general feeling that things needed to be run with more efficiency and effectiveness.

This Wednesday there will be an opportunity to voice your concerns and ask your questions. The Marietta Area Chamber of Commerce will be hosting Congressman Bill Johnson at Jeremiah’s Coffee Shop on Front Street from 9-10:30, with the idea of having an open discussion about flooding concerns and insurance. Particularly if you live and/or work downtown, we highly encourage you to attend this event and learn what you can. As the Mid-Ohio Valley knows, the rivers can be temperamental at any time of year, so it’s always a good time to be prepared.

Thank you to the Chamber and Mr. Johnson for creating this event for the community!

What: Open Forum with Congressman Bill Johnson Regarding Flooding and Flood Insurance

Where: Jeremiah’s Coffee House (175 Front Street, Marietta)

When: Wednesday, August 1st, 9-10:30

Posted by: Colby Ferraris on July 31, 2018
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