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Marietta Sends Summer Off With A Bang

Throughout the Spring and Summer, we have highlighted several different events that have been posted in Marietta and around the Mid-Ohio Valley. Perhaps no time is busier in Marietta than the last week of August and the first week of September. There is a scheduled flurry of activity over the next two weekends, and the events that are coming up will truly showcase why this area is a wonderful location to start and grow your family. Without further delay, here are just a few of the events coming up over the next two weeks.

The Washington County Fair

Not coincidentally, the Washington County Fair is hosted on the Washington County Fairgrounds every year. The fair begins on September 1st this year and runs through Tuesday, September 4th. Organizers are expecting a lot of great food vendors and there are always fun rides for all.

First Friday, Back To School Bash

Friday, September 7th will be another amazing First Friday. The September event is sponsored by Washington State Community College and the theme is “back to school bash.” The Adelphia will be hosting Ben Davis, Jr., that night and you’ll be able to catch that show at no charge! Be sure to walk around Historic Marietta and shop. The streets will already be shut off for the next and biggest event, The Sternwheel Festival.

The Sternwheel Festival

Perhaps more than any event, the Sternwheel Festival draws people to Marietta from all over. The spectacle of seeing dozens of sternwheelers in the Ohio River is truly something everyone should see at least once. The downtown area is electrified over the course of this weekend as races, fireworks, and live music add vibrance and a party atmosphere to the whole town.

Marietta is never bereft of things to do, but the end of summer is always the most jam-packed of any time throughout the year. Be sure to get out there and support local businesses and eateries, and if you’ve never been to Marietta before, now is the time to fix that! We’ll see you soon.


Posted by: Colby Ferraris on August 28, 2018
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