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Marietta, Ohio: A Celebration of Longevity

The Dime Bank Building, Marietta, Ohio

Businesses today usually get much adulation if they are able to celebrate a ten-year anniversary. Businesses that make it to twenty years promote their longevity and gained expertise. Businesses that last longer than twenty years seem like aberrations today, so when a business is able to celebrate fifty or one-hundred years, it’s truly a notable event.

One of the many very special aspects of Marietta, Ohio, is that there are several businesses and buildings that have survived for a century or more. One such company is Schafer Leather, which got its start back in 1867 and is still going strong today. Back in 2017 the business was able to celebrate the fact that it has been running continually since just after the American Civil War. Not many businesses can say that, and that kind of longevity in a small river town is particularly special.

Celebrating one century-old company for a small town would be enough, but Schafer Leather is not the only workhorse in Marietta. Baker & Baker, a jewelry store, is celebrating its centenary this very week. Beginning today (October 30) and lasting all week, the company will be celebrating by showcasing unique pieces and offering special discounts (great news for anyone looking for an amazing gift for that special someone).

While there are some businesses that can celebrate their longevity, there are even more buildings that are housing businesses new and old that have stood tall in Marietta for over a century. One of the most iconic is The Dime Bank Building, which was erected in 1904. After housing numerous banking operations, the Dime Bank Building is now home to several different boutique businesses.

Another building preparing to celebrate a milestone in 2019 is the building that today houses The Galley, The Adelphia, and The Hackett. Built as The New Riley Block by oil man John Hackett, the complex has seen many different kinds of businesses over its long life.

While Marietta continues to grow and flourish, it is hard not to be keenly aware of the town’s colorful and rich history when there are so many businesses and structures that hearken back to times gone by. Contact us today to learn what vacancies we have available in this beautiful, historic river town.

Posted by: Colby Ferraris on October 30, 2018
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