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Marietta, What Was That Building

Awhile ago, we mentioned that we would be exploring what our downtown buildings housed in years past. We are still working on uncovering some history, but here are some interesting tidbits you might not know about downtown Marietta.

According to Dagmar Roberts Kupsche of The Cooks Shop, her current building was built in 1912 as The Triangle Store. The store got its name because it had three sections combined into the one business. Those three sections were furniture, music, and…wait for it…a mortuary! Imagine that list of errands as an early-twentieth century citizen of the town.

103-105 Putnam Street, around the time that The Triangle Store would have been around the corner.

These suave gentlemen are standing outside of what is now Campus Martius Museum, back in the 1940s.

Charlie Clay of Dads Primitive Workbench can trace many businesses back over the lifetime of his building. Charlie notes, “Our building here at Dad’s Primitive Workbenchis the only gingerbread store front downtown with only one level and a basement. It housed Mad Hen Primitives, Putnam Chocolate, the teddy bear store and Gallagher drug store.” Charlie notes you can still see traces of the Gallagher Drug Store hidden on the windows.

Baker and Baker is still around, but their merchandising has changed over the years.

This picture is dated to approximately 1875. Was your building standing on Front Street when this picture was taken?

These are just small details that we have been able to gather so far. Do you have any “hard to believe” tales about the building in which you do business? We would love to keep this topic moving throughout 2019!

All photos courtesy of the Harry Philip Fischer Collection, Marietta College Legacy Library.













Posted by: Colby Ferraris on January 2, 2019
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