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Marietta: Live. Work. Play.

The Three Arms of Promanco

Business owners know that it is easy to assume everyone knows the basics about your business. After all, they are the basics. You presume your customers and prospects understand all of your capabilities and offerings. They surely are familiar with your mission statement and your objectives for the future because you have all but spelled those out before. Besides, it all seems so intuitive and obvious in your own head. The reality, of course, is that people only know the facets of your business they encounter.

We got to thinking about this in regards to Promanco. People often only encounter one segment of our business, and while we assume they know that we do more, that is in reality a pretty big assumption to make. We thought we would take this opportunity to let everyone know, in broad terms, everything we can actually offer.

Property Management

Did you know that the name Promanco is derived from the words PROperty MANagement COmpany? This facet of our business is probably the most visible. We work with our tenants constantly and you also have likely seen our “for lease” signs around town. The property management arm of Promanco is responsible for finding perfect fits for our Marietta vacancies and then nurturing the relationships with our tenants so that they stay happy in their new surroundings, whether commercial or residential.


A second arm of Promanco is the capacity to renovate or rebuild properties so that they are perfectly suited for new tenants. Sometimes a rebuild occurs simply because the property is ideal but the floor plan is not. Other times, the property in question may be over a century old, and we have to bring it up to 21st-century specifications. We also take a lot of pride in how downtown Marietta looks as a whole and from building to building. We were honored to be part of the 2017 Build Up Marietta initiative, and we continue to work on projects downtown to help make spaces more aesthetically pleasing and safer. We always keep an eye towards preserving the historic integrity of the downtown district, so while we may modernize a property in terms of what it can offer a new tenant, we also strive to stay true to the charm that makes Marietta such a popular tourist destination.


Finally, we have a construction side to our business. There are a few lots available in our portfolio, and we are prepared to build on those sites when the time comes. Our construction teams have also done a lot of work throughout the Mid-Ohio Valley, including at Grand Central Mall and Marietta College.

The One Stop Shop

What does all of this mean for you? If you are seeking a new home or a new home for your business, Promanco can help you find the perfect property at the location you desire and then you can stick with us for any renovation or build-out work. There is no need to seek out separate contractors, which can be time-consuming and expensive. Moreover, our team works closely together, so by the time our construction team is ready to get to work, they already know what you are looking for and what timeline needs to be met.

Wherever you are in the process of seeking a new residence or a new place for your business to grow, give us a call today, and ask how any of our three arms can help you move forward.

Why Marietta Will Not Be The Next Glass House

106 Putnam “Before.” Photo courtesy Marietta Main Street.

Not too far back in the past, Lancaster, Ohio was not very different from Marietta, Ohio in terms of its reputation. It was a small, tight-knit town, and much of the culture of the town was based on a few core factories which employed a large percentage of the citizenry and helped fund a lot of the town’s events. Author Brian Alexander weaves the tale of this town in his book called The Glass House. Over a period of several years, the primary employer in Lancaster, Anchor-Hocking, underwent several purchases, leadership changes, and in every update, the employees suffered. As the employees of the leading company in the area began to lose their jobs, prospects for the entire town diminished. Drug use began to take a stranglehold on what was once considered one of Ohio’s best small towns in which to live.

The book is a horror story for anyone who lives in Small Town America. Lancaster is not all that far geographically from the Mid-Ohio Valley, and some of the characters Alexander writes about could easily live anywhere in the region. But

106 Putnam after our work was complete. Photo courtesy Marietta Main Street.

citizens of Marietta will see how the paths have diverged, and how we are on a road that will take us far from the dark place Lancaster found itself.

Build Up Marietta

Recently, Marietta Main Street summarized a 2017 effort called Build Up Marietta. We were very please to be able to participate in implementing this facade improvement program at 106 Putnam. Promanco has long felt that renovating, refurbishing, and maintaining Historic Marietta is one of our most rewarding jobs. The unique combination of a long history with the natural beauty that being at the confluence of two rivers provides inspires us to put our best work on display wherever we go.

The Build Up Marietta program is just one sign that the people of the area understand that a commitment needs to be made to the town in which you live. Time, money, tough decisions, and elbow grease all are invested when you are breathing business and life into buildings that are 100 years old or older. While some small towns may let old buildings and alley ways deteriorate, Marietta as a community is dedicated to beautification and preservation.

An Increasingly Vibrant Downtown

Marietta is also uniquely fortunate to have a diverse offering of eateries and entertainment venues in our downtown area. Rather than putting all eggs in one employment or cultural basket, a mistake Lancaster and other small towns have made over the years, the Marietta culture is diversified and citizens can find enjoyment at a surprisingly high number of locations. While The Adelphia Music Hall is focused primarily on promoting the local music scene and drawing crowds from across the MOV, nearby People’s Bank Theater offers music as well as plays and musicals. Within a short walking distance of both of these places are restaurants that serve everything from Mexican cuisine at Tampicos to a succulent burger at The Galley. While some small towns seem only to have a gas station at which passers-by can stop, Marietta provides a lively environment for its residents and a tantalizingly cozy and unique atmosphere that draws visitors from all over the country.

The story of Lancaster, Ohio, is indeed rife with lessons that any small town can benefit from learning. The forces that are driving Marietta forward, however, are helping Marietta maintain its status as an ideal place to work, live, and play. We are happy to be a part of that powerful force.

The Difference Between an Idea and a Vision

Some people never run short of ideas. The mind of an entrepreneur is always looking ahead to solve problems people do not even know they have yet. Elon Musk and Richard Branson are perfect examples of this kind of life outlook. We did not think we needed airplanes shrouded in ultimate comfort or 100% electric vehicles, but now that we have them, we can hardly believe life existed without them.

The dictionary defines “idea” as a passing notion, while vision is defined as “the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be.” The unstoppable mind of an entrepreneur is a veritable idea factory, and the gift of vision is what differentiates men like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk from the many people who have ideas but not the vision to nurture those ideas into something useful. Those of us who work in the property management and construction industries can attest to the fact that while many entrepreneurs have the gift of vision on a grand scale, smaller details, like where that business should be situated, can be surprisingly difficult hurdles to overcome.

“I just can’t see it”

Many times, we will be approached by a business owner who has an idea about where their business should be. They know what part of Marietta they should move to, for example, and they may have an idea of what kind of offices they want, or what kind of building would work best for them. While the entrepreneurial mind is nimble, we find that trying to convince someone that the way a space looks now is not how the space has to look in the end is surprisingly difficult. That is why we work as a whole cohesive team — property management and construction — to create new detailed floor plans to show you how your idea and your overall vision can fit perfectly, ultimately, with the space we have available.

Our Work Speaks For Itself

Looking at a space and seeing its potential, or how it can meet your business’s needs, can be a struggle. That is why we try to gather photographic evidence of our starting and ending points on projects. You would never believe that the Marietta offices of Perry & Associates started the way they did, but we are proud to say they trusted us and our process, and we are all now very proud of that space. 

You might never believe that the luxurious Riley Suite in the Hackett Hotel started off the way it did, too.

Whether we are building something from the ground up, reworking an existing space, or refurbishing a property, we can take your idea and tie our vision of what a property can offer to your vision of how your business can grow.

Visit our construction site to see more of our work, or give us a call today to learn more.

Dream A Little Rivertown Dream

The idea of starting a business offers multiple potential advantages as well as disadvantages. Many entrepreneurs think that being your own boss is worth its weight in gold, but carrying the weight of a business is daunting. The process of starting a business reveals the curveballs. Where should you locate your business and why? What kind of property can you afford? Do you want to own or lease? That is just the tip of the iceberg.

We have a few different spots around Marietta that are blank slates, just waiting for someone like YOU to decide that your business should grow or start there. This week we thought we would tell you about a few of these spots and see if we can rev your entrepreneurial engines.

The Perfect Spot for a Restaurant

One of the most important contributors to success for a restaurant is visibility. We can offer that via the property we have for lease on Putnam. Located in a perfect spot for high foot traffic and car traffic, your restaurant will be steps away from People’s Bank Theater and just a few more steps away from The Adelphia Music Hall. You will be able to participate in the increasingly popular (and fun) Marietta Main Street First Friday extravaganzas as well.

Your imagination can truly run wild in this spot. It is a blank slate, and we are also able to build to suit, so if there are things you would like to change, don’t be shy about letting us know. We already have several appliances set in the restaurant, so that will be one less worry to carry into your venture.

The Perfect Spot for Street-Level Visibility

Whether you manage a branch of a bank or whether you run an insurance company, whether you run a boutique shop or a marketing firm, the first floor of The Dime Bank Building can be a dream spot for you to start or grow. The first floor of The Dime Bank happens to be already uniquely suited for a banking business as the teller counters and vaults are still present. However, with our capability to build to suit, the expansive space can evolve into whatever you need it to become.

The Dime Bank Building itself is certainly hard to miss. It is the tallest building downtown and it’s red brick exterior is eye-catching in any aerial shot of the city. The inside offers modern functionality with turn-of-the-century décor. The space can be divided into smaller office spaces or it can be utilized virtually as it is now. Contact us for a tour and let your dreams take you where you need to go.

The Perfect Spot for a Bed & Breakfast

Running a bed & breakfast is particularly rewarding in a historic town like Marietta, Ohio, where the B&B itself and all of its surroundings are drenched in history. The Bosworth-Biszantz House has stood in Marietta since 1868 and it is a nationally registered historic home. That means, in part, that we can help you apply for historic tax credits. The proximity of the property to natural beauty (the confluence of the Ohio and Muskingum Rivers) and the increasingly upbeat downtown area will not hurt business either.

Although there is a lot of history tied into this property, and although there is still a lot of original detail in the house (pocket doors, lead windows, and fretwork, to name a few), this house is still a blank slate in many ways. We can help you create the perfect setting to start your B&B, and the location literally in the core of Marietta will help you grow the business in no time.

These are just some of the properties we currently have available. There are other locations we can show you as well depending on what you are hoping to find. We even have property that is ready for development if you are looking into that side of growing your business.

Give us a call today. Let’s talk.



Why Start A Business in Marietta, Ohio

Expansive office space in Reno Business Park

Recently, the Southeastern Ohio Port Authority posted an article from Shale Crescent USA summarizing why the Shale Crescent, which includes the Mid-Ohio Valley, is the perfect place to build a petrochemical company. The article from Shale Crescent observes that while petrochemical plants traditionally have been centered around the Gulf Coast, the newly recognized area that includes Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia is just as ideal. Among the benefits are the abundance of natural gas in the Shale Crescent area, a willing and able work force, and easily accessible waterways.

The article inspired us to think about reasons why Marietta is the perfect specific spot to start a new business, whether it’s part of the oil and gas industry or something else entirely. Here are some benefits new businesses in Marietta can enjoy.

Plentiful and accessible waterways

Sitting at the confluence of the Ohio and Muskingum Rivers, Marietta is perfectly situated for access to waterways. This facet of Marietta’s geography has long contributed to a healthy industrial environment, and increasing the health of Marietta’s industries will be easy.

Willing and able workforce

Marietta seems sometimes like it is no more than two hours away from everywhere. Pittsburgh, Akron, Columbus, Parkersburg, Morgantown, and Charleston are all two hours away or less.

Proximity to market

The Shale Crescent article also notes an important factor about the entire region. Marietta and other locations throughout the Shale Crescent are “within a day’s drive away from 50% of high-demand North American markets and within one day’s drive of 70% of the polyethylene demand.” Geographic advantages would benefit businesses in numerous industries extending beyond oil and gas.

Manufacturing/Warehouse space, Oakwood Business Park

Locations for your business are waiting for you

We can assist any businesses wishing to grow or move to Marietta. Whether you are looking for a property that offers ample warehouse space or an expansive office area, we have something that can exceed your expectations. Moreover, we are happy to build to suit, so if you find a property you like but aren’t 100% sold on the floor plan, we can work out updates that will alter the space to what you need it to be. All of our industrial and commercial properties are located close to the downtown area, I-77, the local airport, and more.

Contact us today so that we can discuss your specific business needs and how we can help your business get off the ground or expand. Marietta is truly the place to be, and there is no better time than the present.


Your Chance To Live In A 19th-Century Mansion

The year was 1868. The Civil War had been over for three years and the United States, united again, were learning how to live in a post-war world. Mariettans now looked across the Ohio River at West Virginia, not Virginia, and that was just the beginning of the changes citizens here experienced. Amidst all of this chaos, a stylish home was constructed on Third Street, and that home is still standing today as the Bosworth-Biszantz House.

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to travel back in time to experience what this historic building was like in 1890. Back in 2015, the Historical Marietta blog shared a newspaper article that was published in 1890 in the Marietta Tri-Weekly Register.  The journalist who wrote the article actually was given a tour of the entire building during the time that Colonel D.P. Bosworth still worked there. The article truly makes this historic site come to life.

Over the years, the Bosworth-Biszantz House has served both as a place of  business, as it was in 1890, and as a home. Today, the possibilities still exist for the home to serve either function…or both. People who have always wanted to be immersed in history yet close to modern conveniences will find everything they are looking for here.

Size Matters

Are you looking for a sizable home? Perhaps you have always wanted to run a business like a bed and breakfast out of your own home. Either way, this property can exceed your expectations. The Bosworth-Biszantz home offers over 4,600 square feet of space that includes six bedrooms, two-and-a-half bathrooms, a spacious kitchen, a library/study, and more. There is a parking lot in the back that can accommodate eight cars, and the ample natural light that enters the home makes it seem all the larger. Moreover, because Bosworth-Biszantz is a Nationally Registered Home, we can help you qualify for preservation funds and historic credits that will help restore this gem to its original 19th-century beauty.

Location, Location, Location

While luxuriating in the Queen Anne style that defines the Bosworth-Biszantz aesthetic, you can also easily access all of the modern conveniences one could ask for today. The home is just steps away from Marietta College and several drug stores, and grocery stores, the downtown area, the river, and more are walkable or less than ten minutes away in the car. These amenities also make this property a perfect location for a Bed & Breakfast or for offices, as it was in that 1890 article. We have always thought a photographer could truly enjoy setting up shop in the home and offering clients a unique and diverse range of environments in which to shoot.

Have we sufficiently piqued your interest? Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a tour.

Let’s Start a Restaurant

Have you always dreamed of starting your own restaurant? It’s tantalizing, but the “to do” list can be extraordinarily intimidating. Knowing where your restaurant should be, getting the property set up, and getting the equipment are just the first steps. We are ready to give you a hand, however. Indeed, the spot we have open right now is virtually move-in ready. That restaurant idea you’ve been kicking around for years has maybe just needed a kickstart. We are happy to provide that to you.

Location Location Location

114 Putnam is just steps away from the corner of Putnam and Front. Looking down the street towards the Dime Bank Building, you would be on the right of this picture.

One of the best assets of this property is its location. The address is 114 Putnam, and as the restaurant owner you will be situated just steps away from the corner of Front and Putnam Streets. Having a restaurant here means you’ll benefit from a lot of car traffic and pedestrian traffic. It also means that during the many festivals in Marietta, and during each First Friday, you will be in the thick of all of the action. Groups like the Marietta Area Chamber of Commerce, Marietta Main Street, and the Marietta CVB help ensure that your business is promoted. Even more fun is that you can participate in First Friday activities by hosting a business tied to the cause or by offering specials that relate to the theme of the evening.

Another great advantage to owning a restaurant in this location is that you are just a couple of blocks away from People’s Bank Theater and just a few blocks more away from The Adelphia Music Hall. It will be easy to encourage people to stop at your eatery for dinner before they head off to their entertainment destination.

Finally, you will find that downtown Marietta is becoming an increasingly vital and active area, and the businesses downtown are forming into a very tightly knit community. See for yourself what makes Historic Marietta so great and join our community today!

Ready For You

The property at 114 Putnam is virtually move-in ready. This restaurant is equipped with freezers, a 3-bowl sink, a dishwasher, a prep table, a gas stove, and a 7 ft American Exhaust Hood system. The walls have been painted, and it is a blank canvas waiting for you to add your unique touch.

We Can Build To Suit

Do not be held back if there is some facet of this property you do not like. Our construction team can build to suit, so talk to us about the vision you have and we will work with you to make it happen. We want this property to be filled with happy customers and a unique eatery that fits the character of our beautiful river town. A little elbow grease is no big price to pay to help make that happen.

Have we piqued your interest? Give us a call today to learn more or to schedule a tour!


There is Always Something Good Happening in the MOV

Recently, Clutch MOV, a local print and online magazine, reported that they heard some young professionals suggesting that the only thing to do in Marietta is to hang out at Wal-Mart. Small towns often fall into the pigeon hole of “blink and you’ll miss it” or “one gas station town.” Sometimes there is even merit to those descriptions. Factually though, Marietta does not fit the mold of the forgotten small town.


It’s not difficult to find amazing food like this steak from The Galley Restaurant.

Think there is no good place to eat in Marietta? A little exploring reveals a world of cuisine. Just in the downtown area, you can find amazing steaks and burgers at The Galley Restaurant, comfort food and pies at Tonya’s Country Kitchen, and out-of-this-world Mexican food at Tampicos. The Parkersburg area also has a growing eatery scene, so there is plenty for your gastro-intestinal senses to enjoy.


Marietta is unusually lucky to have several different theatrical groups in town. Marietta College, The Colony Theater, and People’s Bank Theater host musicals and plays quite often. The productions not only are top-notch, but almost all theatrical venues are within walking distance of a great place to eat, so setting up a night out is easy.


The music scene is flourishing here.

The local music scene on both sides of the Ohio River is flourishing. The Adelphia Music Hall has increased its support of local bands and musicians over the last couple of years, and Michelle Waters, through Hold the Note and Undercurrent Festivals, has done a lot to start quilting together a local music community. The Adelphia and People’s Bank Theater are also working collaboratively so that you can keep up with what both venues are hosting, and sometimes The Adelphia will host “after-parties” for guests who attended a People’s Bank Theater concert.

…And More

There is actually so much going on in Marietta and the wider Mid-Ohio Valley area that Clutch MOV found it necessary to create a constantly updated community calendar. A quick glance reveals the REAL problem with living in this area–it is difficult to choose which event you want to enjoy on any given day.

It is true that Marietta is not New York City, London, or Los Angeles, but for a small town, there is a stunning amount of activity to enjoy. The beautiful parks and river trails have not even been mentioned here, but they are great places to spend warm spring and summer afternoons.

Take another look at Marietta and the Mid-Ohio Valley. Find out how easy it is to live here, play here, and work here.

A Perfect Place to Grow Your Business

It is challenging to find a property that can meet all of a business’s needs, particularly if a company requires a light manufacturing or industrial space in addition to office space. Our property at Reno Business Park can accommodate these needs and much more.

The Best of Both Worlds

Reno Business Park is a multi-tenant facility that combines 100,000+ feet of office space with 500,000+ square feet of  warehouse space that can be used for light manufacturing or as a climate-controlled storage area. The warehouse area includes 14 tailgate loading docks and 8 drive-in doors. The ceilings are an ample 24′ high with 28′ to the roof deck. Promanco can extend this area if needed because there is available acreage beyond the existing building.

Companies can also benefit from the thousands of square feet of office space at Reno Business Park. Some areas are already move-in ready, but as is the case with any of our properties, we can build to suit. The offices include HVAC, access control, communication, and plenty of natural light.

On-Site Amenities

Reno Business Park is not just an ideal space for a business to grow, it is also a place where employees can access additional amenities that are not common to business spaces, particularly in the MOV. A world-class fitness center is located just steps away from the office area, and it is open 24/7. Renowned for its catering to bodybuilding champions, Reno Fitness Center is also the perfect place to exercise for someone who wants to get in better shape. There is also a cafeteria that serves both breakfast and lunch, and the grounds are maintained to remain in pristine shape.

Contact us today if you want to learn more about this premier property. Offering all of the advantages listed above in addition to easy access to Historic Marietta and I77, this really is a perfect place to watch your business grow.

Marietta: Live. Work. Play.

Welcome to our new Promanco Blog. We have created this blog with the vision of giving the people of Marietta and the Mid-Ohio Valley a resource for learning about positive developments here and for enticing people from outside the area to consider living and working here.

You may wonder why we chose to name our blog Marietta: Live. Work. Play. Let’s break that down a little.

Marietta: Live

Promanco manages premier residential locations around Marietta that we will be talking about here. Our portfolio always includes condos, apartments, and houses. However, “live” also signifies for us how rewarding it is to live in Marietta and the surrounding area. We will be focusing here on all of the benefits Marietta residents enjoy. Our increasingly vibrant downtown is just one of many features that we will emphasize over the coming weeks and months.

Marietta: Work

Our portfolio also includes office, industrial, warehouse, and flex space throughout Marietta, and we will be focusing on those properties periodically here. Marietta is also a fantastic place to start a business, expand a business, or simply to work. There are countless eateries where customers and clients can be entertained while enjoying business discussions or post-meeting meals. There are quaint coffee shops, independent local retailers, and an inviting downtown community where new businesses are embraced and welcomed.

Marietta: Play

We are proud to include amongst our tenants restaurants, hospitality venues, and entertainment venues. We will be talking about those spaces often here as they are enjoying more and more success locally. Beyond our direct family, Marietta is lucky to have theaters, numerous local events, festivals, fairs, and the upcoming MOV Restaurant Week, to name just a few. There is always something happening in Historic Marietta. Finding ways to play is easy. The difficult part is choosing exactly what you want to do.

We look forward to expanding on all of this moving forward. We welcome your feedback and hope you enjoy these posts!