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Marietta: Live. Work. Play.

The German Roots of Marietta

Most stories about the history of Marietta focus on the Revolutionary War veterans who settled the area in 1788. Names like Putnam, Davis, and Wallace signify the predominantly English ancestry of Marietta’s first citizens. However, people of German descent gave back far more than you may realize to this region, as will be uncovered when we dig into the history of many buildings downtown.

One of the best resources to learn about Marietta’s German heritage is Jann Adam’s book, titled German Marietta and Washington County. The book takes you on a pictorial history of Marietta, and more particularly of families, businesses, and organizations of German descent. Beyond the pictures, however, there is a wealth of knowledge that can be gathered that might inspire you to look at Marietta through a new prism. Consider, for example, that there were once so many German businesses in downtown Marietta that there was actually a “Dutch Row.” Grocery stores, breweries, and banks were launched by people of German descent. People of German descent were behind much of the musical entertainment that Marietta hosted in the early 1900s.

Many of our properties can also point to German heritage. Mr. Biszantz, of the Bosworth-Biszantz House, was of German descent. The bankers who started the first bank housed in the Dime Bank Building were Germans. The Otto Brothers store, which you can see in so many historic photos of The Dime Bank Building, was a prominent business owned by Marietta’s of German descent.

Does your building have ties to Marietta’s German history? We would love to hear what you have learned!

What is the History of Your Building?

A great example of a ghost ad from Hidden Marietta. These kinds of ghost images remind us Marietta’s history runs deep.

The year 2018 is closing out. Downtown retailers and eateries are going to be swamped through the holidays, and Marietta has done a fantastic job of making the downtown area look jolly and festive, just in time! While there is a lot going on (there always is), we want to talk about a project that we would like to work on with you.

One of the wonderful things about Marietta is that you can see traces everywhere of businesses that used to exist. Hidden Marietta often posts about “ghost ads” to their Facebook page, for example. When we work on customizing spaces for new tenants, it does not take long to find layers of older plaster from businesses that once existed in the same spot.

Even though these reminders of the past are not hard to find, we suspect that most Marietta residents, and probably most downtown merchants, do not know exactly what was in the spot where current businesses are located now. We would like to change that!

Over the next several blog posts, we are going to tell you about the history of some of the properties we lease downtown. We don’t want to be the only ones talking, however. If you are a downtown merchant, we would love to have your help in exploring the history of your building. Our hope is that as a community we can put together a very detailed “then and now” picture of our increasingly vibrant downtown. If you would like help, we of course will be happy to oblige.

Why work on the history of Marietta now? It seems like a perfect time to reflect back on the history of our historic river town while also looking forward towards growth and change. Marietta celebrated its 230th anniversary in 2018. The People’s Bank Theatre will be celebrating its 100th Anniversary in 2019, and the building that houses The Galley, The Adelphia, and The Hackett will be turning 120 years old. Baker & Baker celebrated its 100th anniversary in business this year, and Schafer Leather Store marked 150 years in business a couple of years ago. With all of that history, we know there will be rich diggings into our history. We are looking forward to working on this with you!

A Note of Gratitude from Promanco

All year long, we have had the privilege of talking about how proud we are to work in the beautiful, historic river town of Marietta, Ohio. The reality, however, is that we would not have anything to talk about were it not for our amazing tenants. We have had the tremendous privilege of saying “hello” to many new tenants over the course of 2018, and we also have enjoyed the opportunity to celebrate with companies that have been leasing from us for many years.

We would like to say “thank you” to Marden Rehabilitation, a company that has been situated at the very top of  The Dime Bank Building for over 22 years. Similarly, we would like to extend our gratitude to The Hair Hippie, Chelsea Holtz, who has been on the ground level of The Dime Bank Building since 2016. Both of these companies epitomize what the downtown spirit is all about. We appreciate their commitment to the community and the downtown area.

We would like to say “gracias” to the people at Tampico’s, who celebrated their twentieth anniversary this year. Tampico’s made it an eventful anniversary year with a remodel that included the addition of a new, beautiful bar and an outdoor patio area. We appreciate their dedication to making Marietta a more enjoyable and lively place via changes that will benefit the city for years to come.

Did you know that Duane Brannan of Brannan Insurance Agency has been a tenant of ours for an amazing 21 years? Jonathan Givens of Simple Pleasures has been our tenant for over twenty years, and the fine folks of Marietta Wine Cellars have been with us for over 18 years.

Whenever you make a list of people you want to thank, you always run the risk of leaving someone out. We certainly do not want to make that mistake, and we want to extend our sincere gratitude to all of you!

Thank you to everyone for making this a great year, and we hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. There is still more to come!

Image Credit: via Creative Commons

Preventing Frozen Pipes and Other Winter Disasters

The popular HBO series Game of Thrones has made the phrase “winter is coming” a staple in every-day American culture. Marietta this year did not have a chance to utter those words as temperatures randomly plummeted from the high 80s down to the low fifties in one day. We have already seen our first snowflakes and we are greeted by frost in the mornings. Winter is not coming. Winter is here!

That being said, there is still time to prepare your homes for the consistently below-freezing weather that is still on its way. Here are some recommendations that we feel will be the most helpful over the long haul.

Keep faucets running — on low

During the polar vortex of 2014, many people suffered the inconvenience of frozen and even burst pipes. One of the tricks is to keep a little bit of water running if you know the temperatures are going to remain below freezing for a long period of time. The water doesn’t need to be a steady stream, just enough to produce some regular drops.

Change your furnace filters

Not only will changing out your filters help your furnace run more efficiently, you’ll also be able to rest peacefully knowing there isn’t dust and muck blowing all through your house. That is definitely a plus for a long winter!

Install storm doors and windows

We have talked about windows a lot on this blog, but it bears repeating. Most of your heat (or your air conditioning) can escape through poor-quality windows. Barring the ability to replace windows and doors, it is easy enough to at least add some foam around the edges, or anything else that can help keep the heat inside and the cold outside.

Put your air conditioner to bed

Make sure any excess water is drained away from your air conditioner. Turn any switches off, drain pipes and hoses, and make sure they are all tucked neatly away. Not only will this help during the winter but it will also help you be more energy-efficient when the air conditioner is needed once again.

Do not leave your thermostat on high when you leave the house

Even if you have warm furry pets, you can afford to turn down the heat a little bit when you leave the house in the morning. You can also turn down the thermostat a little when you go to bed. When you’re in bed you have lots of blankets available, which hopefully you do not carry around with you during the day (that would be very strange). Contacting Aardvark Communications will enable you to learn about an app that can help you control your thermostat no matter where you are. That means you could turn your thermostat down during the day and raise it up before you leave the office, which means by the time you get home everything will be warm and cozy again.

These are just a few ideas. What steps do you take to winterize your home? Let us know what we missed!

Image Credit: via Creative Commons

Marietta: A Presidential History

Image courtesy Marietta CVB

As we greet another Election Day here in Marietta, it’s interesting to look back at how intermingled the history of Marietta is with America’s political past.

George Washington is closely interwoven into Marietta’s history. As a young man, Washington helped survey much of the lands that comprise Marietta today. He likely camped along the river in what is now Reno. You can learn more about Washington’s time in the Mid-Ohio Valley here.

A Johnson Cook wrote to President Thomas Jefferson from Marietta in 1801. He promises to name his newly born son after the President, but also adds this fascinating little note: “I live in the thicket of your sworn enemies there is rarely a republikan in Marietta.” It’s hard to imagine that a famous President like Thomas was unpopular in his own day, but there you have proof. You can read the whole letter here.

Return J Meigs, Jr., in addition to being one of the first settlers of Marietta and an eventual Ohio governor, also ties Marietta to President James Madison. Madison tapped Meigs to be Postmaster General of the United States, a position in which Meigs excelled.

Both Teddy and Franklin D. Roosevelt visited Marietta at different times. TR came to Muskingum Park in 1912, and FDR visited in 1938 to help celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Northwest Territory founding.

Ronald Reagan spoke at Marietta College in 1980, and Sarah Palin stopped by during her Vice-Presidential Run.

The history of Marietta is an excellent prism through which the history of the United States can be viewed. In this 230th anniversary year of Marietta, it is important to note, as people head to the polls once again, that Marietta has been linked closely to national history from the time of its founding to the present day. That should certainly add some gravity to your trip to the polls.

Marietta, Ohio: A Celebration of Longevity

The Dime Bank Building, Marietta, Ohio

Businesses today usually get much adulation if they are able to celebrate a ten-year anniversary. Businesses that make it to twenty years promote their longevity and gained expertise. Businesses that last longer than twenty years seem like aberrations today, so when a business is able to celebrate fifty or one-hundred years, it’s truly a notable event.

One of the many very special aspects of Marietta, Ohio, is that there are several businesses and buildings that have survived for a century or more. One such company is Schafer Leather, which got its start back in 1867 and is still going strong today. Back in 2017 the business was able to celebrate the fact that it has been running continually since just after the American Civil War. Not many businesses can say that, and that kind of longevity in a small river town is particularly special.

Celebrating one century-old company for a small town would be enough, but Schafer Leather is not the only workhorse in Marietta. Baker & Baker, a jewelry store, is celebrating its centenary this very week. Beginning today (October 30) and lasting all week, the company will be celebrating by showcasing unique pieces and offering special discounts (great news for anyone looking for an amazing gift for that special someone).

While there are some businesses that can celebrate their longevity, there are even more buildings that are housing businesses new and old that have stood tall in Marietta for over a century. One of the most iconic is The Dime Bank Building, which was erected in 1904. After housing numerous banking operations, the Dime Bank Building is now home to several different boutique businesses.

Another building preparing to celebrate a milestone in 2019 is the building that today houses The Galley, The Adelphia, and The Hackett. Built as The New Riley Block by oil man John Hackett, the complex has seen many different kinds of businesses over its long life.

While Marietta continues to grow and flourish, it is hard not to be keenly aware of the town’s colorful and rich history when there are so many businesses and structures that hearken back to times gone by. Contact us today to learn what vacancies we have available in this beautiful, historic river town.

Halloween in the MOV

Fans of Halloween can finally rejoice – the best time of the year has arrived! There is an absolute flurry of activity happening over the next week across the MOV, so we thought we would gather together lists of these activities so you can go to one place for everything.

First, there are a couple of helpful lists that outline a lot of different events throughout Parkersburg and elsewhere in West Virginia and Ohio.

You can see up-to-date trick-or-treat times and events on the WTAP site here.

Clutch MOV also put together a comprehensive list which you can take a gander at here.

Along with these events, you can also enjoy the following special celebrations:

Ghost Tours at The Castle: Friday, 10/26, 7-8:30. Visit the Castle website or Facebook page for tickets.

Halloween in the Park: Saturday, 10/27 from 11:45-2:30 in East Muskingum Park, Marietta

Halloween Party/Costume Party at The Adelphia: Saturday, 10/27. Doors open at 7. Tickets are $10.

Ghost Tours at The Castle: Friday, 10/26, 7-8:30. Visit the Castle website or Facebook page for tickets.

Are there any events coming up that we missed? Please feel free to add to the list!

Image Credit: via Creative Commons

House Preparation for Fall

All of a sudden, it’s time to start thinking about how you can prepare to shut up your house for colder, wetter weather. Here in the Mid-Ohio Valley it seems like we might be jumping straight into winter and skipping fall altogether, so it’s even more important to prepare your house, especially if you live in a historic home.

Here are some ideas we have for you. What would you add?

Mind the Windows

Windows are great for views, but they can be a primary exit point for heat and an entry point for cold breezes during the fall and winter. The first thing you want to do is put a little piece of paper along the border of the window. If you see that paper blowing like a flag in the wind, that means a lot of air is passing back and forth. The problem can be controlled in a number of ways. You can add caulking around the window, strips of insulation, or even just some foam at the bottom of the window. Adding window blinds and curtains if you don’t have them can also help trap heat during the day.

Check the Roof

Falling leaves, seeds, and lots of rain can mean a lot of burden on your gutters. You also, of course, want to make sure your roof is in pristine shape so that it can handle heavy rain, ice, and snow. Now is a great time to clean out those gutters and make sure you’re good to go.

Proof the Pipes

Have you ever had water pipes freeze on a sub-zero day in the winter? It is definitely no fun. Do a test on your pipes to make sure everything is in good order, and be sure you know where pipes are located and how to turn the water off if you need to do so.

Filter Out Any Problems

Now is the time to have your furnace inspected. You may need new filters, and you want to make sure the furnace is going to be able to work efficiently as well.

Inspect the Washer & Dryer

Now is also a great time to make sure your washer and dryer are in good working order. That means making sure the washer hook-ups are working effectively and that the dryer filter is as free from lint as possible. Failing to keep up on these issues can result in serious room flooding or even fire.

Check Safety Equipment

Seasonal changes are good times to mark how your safety tools are functioning. That means your CO2 monitor, smoke alarms, and security systems if you have them.

The older your home, the more important it is to put in your due diligence before severe weather hits. If you need any assistance or have any questions, please let us know!

Image Credit: via Creative Commons

Prime Commercial Property Available Soon!

Do you traverse through Reno regularly? Travelers who find their way up and down Pike Street (State Route 7) on a regular basis, or regular visitors to Marietta, are probably familiar with where Enterprise has been located for the last several years. Recently, Enterprise moved to a location just down the street, so we now have this excellent location available!

There are numerous benefits awaiting the next business that inhabits this space. First, as the old adage goes, there’s “location location location.” Not only is the building located on one of the busiest streets in Southeastern Ohio, but it is also located rather close to the street, so there is fantastic visibility.

Beyond the externals of the property, there are also a lot of valuable assets already available. There are multiple private offices, a kitchenette, meeting rooms, an ADA-compliant restroom and handicap accessibility at the entrance and exit of the building. There is plenty of parking, too.

What does all of this translate into for potential? The multiple private offices would be perfect for a medical facility. The kitchenette and meeting rooms would be a great fit for a business in need of a pleasant and visible office space. Bear in mind that Promanco can always build to suit, so if there is something that does not just fit into your plans, we can alter the floor plan so that it is perfect for what your business needs.

This pristine  building is going to be scooped up quickly, so we recommend that if you have a vision as to how your business could fit into this location, call us today! We can schedule a tour with you and answer any questions you may have.

122 Seneca

Our focus this week is a beautiful house we have available in Devola, just outside of Marietta. Unlike many of our residential properties, this home can be purchased rather than leased.

The house is perfectly sized for a family. It measures 2,073 Sq Ft and has four large bedrooms with two-and-a-half bathrooms. Recent renovations included newer laminate floors, a finished basement, and a 3-dimensional roof. HVAC is fully in place and appliances are included in the price of the home. The home has an open floor plan that includes a spacious kitchen and dining area. The kitchen boasts Huck maple cabinetry and granite counter tops.

The interior of 122 Seneca is not the only part of the property that is eye-catching. There is a sizable yard with trees in the front for shade and privacy. The back yard includes. storage building and shop, all of which you can look at while sitting on your screened-in back porch. 

The neighborhood in which this house is situated is well-established, quiet, and homeowners are dedicated to keeping their homes and yards in pristine condition. Approximately fifteen minutes away from downtown Marietta, the neighborhood lets you feel like you’re living in the country, yet city conveniences are easily accessible.

We would be happy to talk to you more about this home or to give you a tour. Contact us today!

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