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Rivers, Trails & Ales – The Best of Marietta

The 8th annual Rivers, Trails and Ales Festival wrapped up this past weekend. The festival, for those of you who are unaware, is a three-day event that encourages people to enjoy and be active in Marietta’s natural surroundings. The 2018 festival was the largest yet, and significant efforts were made to create activities specifically for kids. Past festivals focused more on mountain biking, hiking events, and, of course, the ales. Kids this year were able to enjoy gnome hikes, paddle boating, and more. The 2018 festival also boasted a beer fest, which involved more than ten breweries. This event was extremely successful and may one day even become its own spin-off festival.

While having fun and seeing the city so vibrant is great in and of itself, the best thing about this festival is that it truly showcases all of the best things Marietta has to offer. Numerous hikes and bicycle rides encouraged people to traverse the quaint streets of the downtown area as well as spots beyond. Paddle boat and kayaking events encouraged people to not just look at the Ohio and Muskingum but to actually get on the rivers and enjoy them. The numerous eateries that participated in the “ales” part of the festival drew people downtown to “eat local,” and musical events like Reverend Horton Heat at The Adelphia showcased the kinds of entertainment made so readily available every weekend.

The really interesting thing about the Rivers, Trails and Ales Festival is that it is a good reminder that the activities highlighted during the weekend can be enjoyed any time. Even in the winter, Historic Marietta is a beautiful place to shop and eat. The spring and summer afford visitors and residents the opportunity to hop on a canoe, a kayak, or to hitch a ride on the Valley Gem. We highly encourage you to take a look at the events the RTA Fest rounded up and see if you can create your own activity list for the rest of the summer. There aren’t that many warm weekends left, you know.

Putnam Street Prime Property Available

We have an amazing property to tell you about this week. Located on Putnam Street, close to the intersection of Putnam and Front Street, 110 Putnam will make the perfect site for a law office, an insurance agent, an investment consultant, or any other type of business that would benefit from ample foot traffic and car traffic along with excellent street-side visibility.

The ideally situated property is 1100 SF. Let your imagination run wild as the space already includes a reception area, two private offices, a group room in the back, and a storage area in the rear of the building. We can of course build to suit if this floor plan does not quite mesh with the vision you have in your head. The property recently got a fresh coat of paint and the awning over the entry way was recently replaced as well.

Along with enjoying a truly beautiful downtown property, you will also be able to join the increasingly vibrant downtown community. Just steps away from People’s Bank Theatre, The Adelphia Music Hall, and many different eateries, you will be able to showcase Historic Marietta to any of your clients or peers.

Call us today to learn more about this unique downtown opportunity!

Talk Flooding with Bill Johnson this Week

We hate to make you flash back, but you might recall that this year began with a lot of high river water. We even had flooding and snow at the same time, which just seemed completely gratuitous. A lot of good happened over that time period. The community truly pulled together to make sure everyone downtown got the help they needed. That meant not only taking everything off the floors but then putting everything back together, as well. Efforts from the CVB, the Chamber, and Marietta Main Street were extremely strong and they did the best job they could in disseminating information in a timely fashion.


The flooding this year raised a lot of questions. How do you know when you should stay open for business and when you should start moving merchandise out? How can you get help if your store or office is impacted by flood waters? How can you forecast when your location will be impacted by certain flood levels? There seemed to be a lot of information floating around, but not all of it was accurate and some of it was even contradictory. There was a general feeling that things needed to be run with more efficiency and effectiveness.

This Wednesday there will be an opportunity to voice your concerns and ask your questions. The Marietta Area Chamber of Commerce will be hosting Congressman Bill Johnson at Jeremiah’s Coffee Shop on Front Street from 9-10:30, with the idea of having an open discussion about flooding concerns and insurance. Particularly if you live and/or work downtown, we highly encourage you to attend this event and learn what you can. As the Mid-Ohio Valley knows, the rivers can be temperamental at any time of year, so it’s always a good time to be prepared.

Thank you to the Chamber and Mr. Johnson for creating this event for the community!

What: Open Forum with Congressman Bill Johnson Regarding Flooding and Flood Insurance

Where: Jeremiah’s Coffee House (175 Front Street, Marietta)

When: Wednesday, August 1st, 9-10:30

Are You Leaving Money On The Table?

Recently we attended a presentation by Andy Kuhn, director of the Southeastern Ohio Port Authority. The presentation was extremely informative, but one phrase has continue to play since the presentation. Andy reported that a lot of money is being left on the table insofar as development in the MOV is concerned. What does he mean? There are tax credits and multiple channels of financial assistance that people are simply not taking advantage of locally. Some of these incentive programs are through the state, and some opportunities for assistance are through the Port Authority itself.

We thought we would offer a quick overview of some of the programs Andy discussed. The more awareness there is about these programs, the more likely people will be to develop properties here in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Assistance Directly from the Southeastern Ohio Port Authority

There are a few different ways the Port Authority can help your company directly. First, the Port Authority offers conduit financing. It is described on their website as follows:

Southeastern Ohio Port Authority (SeOPA) can issue bonds on behalf of a borrower for the purpose of making the proceeds available to the borrower for certain projects.  SeOPA works in partnership with traditional lending institutions and its public partners to provide the most advantageous financing for a project.  Ultimately, the financial strength of the transaction is based upon the credit-worthiness of the underlying borrower (and any credit enhancement available in the deal).

Moreover, Andy talked about the fact that as a nonprofit, SEOPA can avoid a lot of the construction taxation most companies have to endure. You can sign a property in development over to the Port Authority while construction is underway, and then the Port Authority will sign it back over to you for a very minimal amount.

Both of these programs obviously can be highly beneficial to any company looking for assistance in developing a property for business.

Community Reinvestment Areas

Another program Andy said is not taken advantage of enough is the Community Reinvestment Area. The value of this program is that the taxes on a property can be frozen for up to ten years while improvements and renovations are executed. Developers in a town like Marietta could certainly accomplish amazing things through a program like this, but believe it or not, most projects do not attempt to benefit from this initiative.

The Southeastern Ohio Port Authority website offers a wealth of information on local and state programs that your business can use to assist in development projects and dealing with development costs. Take a look in particular at the incentives page and the state assistance page. You’ll be able to catch Andy live and in person at the Belpre Rotary meeting on August 24th or at the board meeting in Waterford on August 28th. Always feel free to give us or Andy Kuhn a call for further information on how we can make your dreams for property development easier to achieve.

Property on Front Street Available, Marietta, Ohio

We are excited to announce that we have beautiful property available in Historic Marietta. The Painted Sparrow is moving to 238 Front Street and this excellent downtown location is now available for lease!

The space at 172 Front Street is 1,675 SF and it has very recently been remodeled. It is located between two great restaurants and you could have a lot of fun participating in Marietta Main Street’s First Fridays. The location is particularly ideal for a beauty parlor/salon because there is already plumbing for multiple sink locations. In addition to multiple sinks there is a private office and 2 ADA-compliant restrooms.

As if that is not enough to convince you, build to suit options are available  to make your vision become a reality. Foot traffic and vehicle traffic are strong at this location and you will benefit from the increasingly vibrant and active downtown community.

Along with the plumbing, other amenities include two parking spots behind the building for management, high ceilings, great storefront windows (making walk-ins easy), air conditioning, central heating, and emergency lighting.

Call us today to learn more and schedule a tour of this beautiful move-in ready location!

Promanco Construction in Full Swing in 2018

We have mentioned before that there are three facets to our business. The first facet is property leasing and management, and that is probably the segment of our services with which you are most familiar. Our signs are all over Marietta, after all. The second segment is historical renovation, where we help to bring buildings from the 19th century into the 21st century. You probably have heard of some of our work in this area because of some buildings we have renovated downtown.

What you might not know as much about is our construction branch. Promanco can demo buildings, revamp buildings entirely, execute build-outs, and more. “Sure, but where can I see your work,” you might say. Actually, we have been working on projects that you may pass by every day. We thought we would take this opportunity just to let you know that yes, that is Promanco.

The Marietta College McCoy Athletic Center Locker Room

Promanco spent many months working on a revamp of the men’s soccer team locker room in the Charles McCoy Athletic Center. The men’s soccer team appreciated the investment from Marietta College and are now proud of the locker room they use.

Grand Central Mall

Those who live in the Mid-Ohio Valley likely have seen all of the work going on at and around Grand Central Mall. A lot of that has been us!  We worked on the demolition of Elder-Beerman and HH Gregg and are now working on the build-out, which will include a Five Below Store and an Ulta Beaty store. While these are the most recent projects that have been our focus, the fact is that our construction arm has been busy for a long time. Take a look at our portfolio. You might be surprised to see how locations you know today looked before we performed our magic on them.

The next time you need a build-out, a demo, or a major update, give us a call. Support a local business with the expertise to do things right.

How to Celebrate July 4th in Marietta, Ohio

You might notice at this point we have a fairly reliable theme on this blog, and that is that there is ALWAYS something to do in Marietta, Ohio. The July 4th holiday is no exception to this rule. Here is our best shot at putting together everything you can do to celebrate the holiday. Let us know what we missed!

Free Shakespeare at Muskingum Park

Fans of Shakespeare will be able to enjoy some live, free 12th Night fun on June 30th and July 1st. Bring a chair or a blanket and settle in for some high-quality entertainment.

Red White and Brews Festival

Saturday, June 30 from 2-6, you can enjoy live music and a bar crawl with several downtown eateries participating! Ticket sales will help fund the River Trails & Ales Festival in August. It is a great way to enjoy the community and prepare for those festive feelings. Grab your tickets here.

Concerts at The Adelphia

You’ll be able to enjoy great music Friday and Saturday at The Adelphia. Friday you can flash back to the 90s with Zack Attack, and Saturday the Charles Walker band will be returning the stage. Bonus: There will be an open mic night on Tuesday, July 3rd which is free, so you’ll be able to sing about how happy the holiday makes you.

First Friday

One advantage to the First Friday concept is that it will always fall near July 4th. Odd, right? The theme of the July First Friday is an art walk, so, again, you’ll be able to enjoy the downtown community. While it falls two days after July 4th this year, there is nothing wrong with carrying over that holiday spirit.

First Ladies of Harmony

The MOV Players Theatre  will be continuing their run of this event through June 29th and 30th, and you can learn more about this event here.

Mound Cemetery Tour

Visit the Mound Cemetery, which is the resting place for many Revolutionary War heroes. Tickets are available through The Castle here, and the event is June 30th.

Guys and Dolls

People’s Bank Theatre will be hosting Guys and Dolls on the 29th and 30th, so theater fans are definitely going to have a tough time choosing what to see the weekend before the holiday. Visit the People’s Bank Facebook page to learn more.


Needless to say, there are going to be parades and fireworks displays all over the Mid-Ohio Valley. Check out this link from the News and Sentinel for a great summary of everything happening on the holiday itself.

Do you think that is enough to keep you and the family entertained? We certainly think we are fortunate to live in a place where there is such a wealth of things to do.

Image Credit: via Creative Commons

How to Save Energy and Money this Summer

Not too long ago, everyone in the Mid-Ohio Valley was complaining about the never-ending winter. Remember that weekend when we had flooding and snow at the same time? We all swore that once warmer weather came, we never would complain because we were so desperate to shed those winter coats.

Well, we all must have wished a little too hard, because after about two days of spring, we fast-forwarded right into summer, and it has been a scorcher so far! Undoubtedly you are seeing some spikes in those electric bills as you try to keep your home not only cool but also dehumidified.

We have some tips for you on how you can maximize the efficiency of your home’s cooling system. Working on even a few of these can make a difference in your pocket book, and if you are interested in lowering your impact on the environment, these work for that as well.

Mind Those Windows

Especially because so many buildings and homes in Marietta are older, it’s very important to pay special attention to your windows. A lot of energy can be released through windows, and a lot of heat and humidity can get in. Doing a test to see how much energy is seeping out of your windows can let you know how much of a problem you have. Sealing gaps and cracks, adding weather stripping, and insulating the windows all can help.

Keep the Sunshine Out

Another tip regarding your windows is to keep blinds and curtains closed during the day. Especially if your windows are on the older end of the spectrum, this little step can help block the sun and heat from warming up your home or business.


We are not talking about turning off social media. You might not think about it, but when any electrical device is plugged in, it’s using up energy, even if it isn’t on or being used. Unplug TVs or game consoles during the day if no one is going to be around. Unplug toasters, coffee pots, stereos, and anything else that you just use once a day.

Explore the world of LED Lighting

LED light bulbs use less energy and also give off less heat than regular light bulbs. Promanco is a registered solution provider for AEP Ohio’s Energy Incentive Programs, which means we can replace your lighting system and also help you make sure you receive rebates for making that transition.

Keep Your Air Conditioner Healthy

Make sure you have your air conditioner evaluated and cleaned at least once a year. Get the filters cleaned out so it can run as effectively as possible.

Turn the Air Conditioner Off When You’re Away

Are you getting ready for your family vacation? Before you go, turn off the air conditioner as long as you don’t have animals staying in the house. It’ll be uncomfortable for a little bit when you return, but you can save a lot of energy and money in the process. Additionally, you can look into a home or business security system through Aardvark Communications & Security. Their system includes an app that allows you to set your thermostat wherever you are, so you could get your air conditioner rolling on your way home from the airport.

Have any questions? Feel free to contact us regarding your home, your office, or both!

Image Credit: via Creative Commons

Merle Norman Marietta and Marietta Main Street Tag Team on Makeovers

People who stop by the Merle Norman shop in downtown Marietta are always greeted warmly. The “Merle Norman girls” are not just knowledgeable about what they do, but they are also extremely kind. A campaign the shop just got started showcases even more the kindness we are talking about.

Beginning on June 8th, Merle Norman and Marietta Main Street tag announced the start of a program called Marietta Main Street Makeovers. The campaign will run until July 31st, 2018. The idea is fairly simple on the surface. Business owners and employees downtown can schedule a makeover appointment at Merle Norman at no cost whatsoever. A “before” picture will be taken before the makeover starts, and then the “after” picture will be taken at that person’s place of business.

We said the idea is simple on the surface. The intricacy in the project is the level of cross-promotion this campaign will create downtown. Merle Norman will of course benefit from increased attention during the campaign and more people will be exposed to their products and expertise. The “after” photos that get released will not just show the make-over, but it will also show the recipient in her work environs. Through this campaign you might hear about a show you did not know was downtown, plus you’ll get to celebrate someone who took a little “me” time.

“We’ve always offered free make-overs to different groups over the years,” said Kayla Niermeyer, Manager of Merle Norman Marietta. Last July we had a “Gorgeous Grandma” campaign, and we’ve given free make-overs to nurses, teachers, and other groups. Sharon (Shaner) had the idea this year of building on the make-overs to add some downtown cross-promotion.”

There has been, it seems, an increased spirit of collaboration in Historic Marietta during 2018. The downtown community really pulled together during the flooding that plagued the area in the spring, and then The Adelphia hosted the First Settlement Festival in April, which again was based on collaborating and cross-promotion. Bar crawls coordinated by Marietta Main Street, like the upcoming Red, White and Brews Festival, also has this spirit behind it.

The reaction to the makeover campaign has been good so far. “People are excited to be able to do this, “Kayla said,

Call Merle Norman at 740.373.8519 from now until July 31st to schedule your free makeover. The session can last for as much or as little time as you have, but ideally, try to dedicate an hour to an hour-and-a-half for the process.

We are looking forward to seeing all of the “after” pictures!

Strengthening the Weakest Link

photo from the Harmar Village Facebook Page:

A Chain Is Only As Strong As Its Weakest Link

Our blog has predominantly focused on the many positive aspects of living and working in Marietta and the Mid-Ohio Valley. There is no need for exaggeration when we talk about the benefits of living in this area. Marietta is a particularly unique small town with a long history and a tightly knit community. The surroundings really are that beautiful and the shops really are that special. Marietta is still, at the end of the day, a real town, and no town is 100% perfect. However, where problems can spell doom for some small communities, challenges simply reiterate what makes Marietta a great community.

Recently, Marietta Main Street hosted a “Clean Sweep” community clean-up event. Traditionally, this annual event has focused on the downtown area. Volunteers weed and mulch gardens, clean up trash, and do other things to spruce up the area for the summer season. The 2018 event added a new dimension. The efforts were extended to the west side of Marietta, an area called Harmar.

A Tale of Two Cities–Almost

While Marietta was founded by settlers from Massachusetts in 1788, additional pioneers moved to the western side of the Muskingum River and lived around Fort Harmar. Residents on the eastern side of the river could make it there easily, but the two settlements grew in parallel to each other as separate villages. The relationship between those on the eastern side of the river and those on the western side was uneasy, and in 1837 Harmar residents requested a separation from the Marietta residents. The two areas merged again in 1890, but there are still some feelings of rivalry and tension between “east siders” and “west siders.”

Harmar is filled with nationally registered historic sites, but it has also seen some tough times. The opioid crisis that has swept across so many states is a bit more visible in this area of town, and the residents often feel like they get lost in the shuffle.

Good Enough is Not Good Enough

While one might venture to say that a lot of towns and cities might just let this part of town fight its own battles, Marietta is doing something quite different. Spurred on by what was learned during the clean-up event, a group called Main Street West has been formed. The group, which is a kind of spin-off of Marietta Main Street, will focus on the residents of Harmar. The Marietta Times recently published a detailed article about the formation of the group and what its objectives will be moving forward.

The initiative shown in this venture reveals what makes Marietta a wonderful place to live and work. No, things are not perfect all of the time. However, when there are issues, Marietta deals with them and works to make the quality of life better. Nothing beats that.

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